Singapore Summer Immersion Program
Pizza Dinner - Our first meeting

After recovering from the initial shock of being accepted in the Singapore Summer Immersion Program and realizing that I would spend my summer in Southeast Asia, I couldn’t help but wonder who I would be traveling with. Shortly after spring break, we all met on Monday, March 28 for the first time at a Pizza Dinner in Graham Memorial. I was both excited and very nervous when I first walked into the room and saw the people that will share this great experience with me. After being bombarded with many names and faces of those who will hopefully become great friends, we were given the opportunity to meet our leaders for the next year. Professor Steve Levine will be traveling with us as our professor and Dana Brinson as our TA. While eating pizza, we were all able to ask the SSIP alums questions about their experiences from previous summers. Although I failed miserably at remembering everyone’s name, I managed to become familiar with faces and looked forward to the orientation sessions in the coming weeks.