Singapore Summer Immersion Program
Travel Clinics

After our all-day orientation, many of us had to quickly make an appointment at Student Health in order to get our immunizations before traveling. Many of us met each other to attend the travel clinic presentation. I became somewhat nervous about the diseases mentioned with travel to Southeast Asia: Typhoid, Malaria, and […]

First Orientation

The week after our pizza dinner, we all met Thursday evening for our first orientation session. Meeting in the Hyde Hall Conference Center, we sat down with two professors and an exchange student to discuss the social, political, and economic aspects of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Our meeting began with a presentation by Professor […]

Pizza Dinner - Our first meeting

After recovering from the initial shock of being accepted in the Singapore Summer Immersion Program and realizing that I would spend my summer in Southeast Asia, I couldn’t help but wonder who I would be traveling with. Shortly after spring break, we all met on Monday, March 28 for the first time at […]