Saturday and Sunday were both very exciting for me as well as those that took part in the American Assoication’s Fourth of July Fesitval and the HSBC Tree Top Walk. The American Association sponsored a festival on Saturday to commemorate American Independence at the Terror Club in Sembawang which allowed us to see wonderful fireworks, eat delicious burgers, and participate in square dancing.

Getting inside of the gates was only half of the fun; armed military personel were eagerly awaiting someone to seem out of line or pose a security threat, but we all made it inside despite the Weapons of Mass Destruction that we had in our bags, just kidding! When we all made it through security we were glad to find burgers and pizza that made us fell like we were still connected to the East while in Asia. After grabbing some much needed food, the awesome fireworks show beagan and lasted for around ten minutes while patriotic tunes were in the background. After the firework display many people left which made it easier to see the bands playing as well as partake in dancing. We also ran into Mrs. Leadbetter and her husband who offered us much needed cold drinks, it was really hot outside. After having a really informative conversation with her and listening to the band some more, we decided that we needed to catch the bus back to the MRT and along the way we ran into a couple from Asheville. The man who worked for the Navy in the IT sector was wearing a UNC shirt that made us real excited. We had a wonderful conversation with he and his wife and they related to us their experiences in Singapore, all of which were positive. It was really nice to see some North Carolinians at an American festival.

On Sunday, which was today a group of us went to the HSBC Treetop Walk at the MacRitchie Resevoir Park, this turned out to be quite the adventure. The hike was somewhat intense since we hiked oven seven kilometers on rocky terrain but the overall atmosphere and experience was worth the physical challenge. Here we saw an abundance of flora and fauna consisting of turtles, many types of trees and foilage, as well as the star attraction: a creature that looked like the Komodo dragon but it was called something like a snake lizard. Overall the Treetop Walk was very rewarding since we were able to see a tropical rainforest in structured and developed Singapore.

The past two days have been the most adventuresome for me since I did not have an assignment hanging over my head and I was able to enjoy myself. The Fourth of July Festival as well as the Treetop Walk both were dynamic experiences that I really enjoyed.

P.S. My pictures are not loading for some reason.