I realize that the blog has not been updated that much this week, we have all been so busy with papers as well as trying to fulfill our goals of places to visit and things to see during our last week in Singapore. I am sure that everyone is glad to have the paper for Dan’s class behind them and have somewhat been able to sleep better at night due to this.
I personally have been very busy this week with the paper as well as trying to stay active in preparation for our fun-filled and demanding schedule in Kunming and Thailand.

Monday night was very exciting for the particular group that I went out to dinner with, we went to Pasta Fresca and little did we know that we would run into Dr. Lockhart who it the professor for our Thai history segment of the History of Southeast Asia. Dr. Lockhart told us that this was one of his favorite restaurants and we were able to tell why, the food was AMAZING. We all left full as well as feeling more connected to home for those of us that had been trying to ward off feelings of homesickness.

Tuesday was really fun at the tea session organized by Mrs. Leadbetter, the food here as well as the tea was awesome. I really enjoyed learning about all of the types of tea and being able to taste them as well. After the tea session, I thought twice before indulging in a cup of coffee the next morning.

Friday afternoon was really exciting for me since I was finally finished with my paper and I now had the chance to head out on a search for a new digital camera in Little India. Even though it took a very long time to bargain with the sales person, I left with the better end of the deal, I saved a lot of money compared to the price of the particular camera in the United States. I challenge everyone who wants to buy a nice electronic in Singapore to not be afraid to bargain with the sales associate and to walk away if he or she will not budge.

Overall, the week until Friday was very busy with everyone trying to finish up their papers as well as have the ability to have some fun along the way. I am personally sad that our time in Singapore is coming to an end.